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2 years ago

Excerpt “the piece”

She sees what your doing, she doesnt care anymore. There is something more pressing that needs her time. In time you will be confused, what, why and how? Stories of who you were wont come sweetly. Takes a lot to write this piece. All it took was a piece to destroy something never meant to root.

She assumes you’ll notice now.

excerpt - chapter 9

2 years ago

shes been trying to tell you but your busy shes been trying to show you but your empty words make her dizzy. she knows your going to hate her for it. but its life enjoy it she doesnt know how to tell you but she figured shed find you here ive been meaning to tell you face to face..

excerpt chapter 9 reality

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Best of luck I am sure they will be great :) 

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Our capabilities are far more than we can ever think. Just got my camera, exploring photography, i’m so so excited :-) Explore your dreams, your passions, your gifts, your imagination….. Photos coming soon ;-)

2 years ago

Summer Social July 27, 2010

Nude pumps, velvet black hair flowing down her back, may not be hers, it was laid to perfection. Her summer dress fit the right places flowed in other places. The night was old. Nikki’s midtown had the right music and the right drinks. Her white blackberry close to her side all she wanted was for him to text, Im on my way home and she was going to make her exit. A surprise, it was time for a surprise. Ipod in hand she boarded the train. Few stops she was there. A text open the door, He was used to her popping up. There she was showing more leg than he’d seen before smiling looking like the beauty he fell in love with. There goes his baby. He watched her as she sauntered in the house and out of her clothes, Perhaps the rest is history, Hopefully soon to be relived…

Chapter 7 

3 years ago

Gee, it always stays on my mind.

maybe she shudnt have did so much maybe she shudnt have said so much maybe she left reality too early maybe she spent so much time running forward when she shudve stood still maybe all the things she caught on too couldnt be caught maybe she moved to quick or too fast if she saw him again, tell him whatever it is she does shes always thinking of him somebody tell him because maybe shea hiding behind her pride shes desperately close to a coffin of hope shed cheat destiny just to be near him…

excerpt “her thoughts on that day in july”

-By Emmy MaGee